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Enrollment Form

Brothers and Sisters Currently Enrolled At or Applying To SABIS® – Costa Verde
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Student’s Language Background
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First Guardian

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The LEGAL GUARDIAN(S) undertakes to notify THE SCHOOL immediately if any dispute arises between the guardians for custody of the student.


Please provide a daytime emergency contact name and telephone number (other than guardians’):




An application for enrollment cannot be processed until all the following documents have been received

  • Signed Enrollment Contract
  • Signed Tuition Fees and Schedule
  • Copy of birth certificate and/or passport to verify date of birth and citizenship
  • Copy of school reports from Kindergarten onward (if applicable)
  • Three recent passport-sized photographs
  1. When signed by THE GUARDIAN(S) and SABIS® International School – Costa Verde (herein after “THE SCHOOL”) this contract is valid for the period of one school year and is subject to the laws of the Republic of Panama. At the end of the school year, this contract will terminate without written notice. For continued enrollment at SABIS® International School – Costa Verde, a new enrollment contract must be signed by both parties.
  2. This contract will be null and void if THE SCHOOL does not accept a student.
  3. When signed by both parties, this contract obliges THE GUARDIAN(S) to meet their financial commitments to THE SCHOOL, in accordance with the applicable Tuition and Fees Schedule
  4. Although THE SCHOOL will discuss the grade placement of a student with THE GUARDIAN(S), THE SCHOOL’s decision is final, irrespective of the grade level for which the application is made.
  5. This Enrollment Contract can be terminated by THE SCHOOL without prior notice and with immediate effect if:
    1. Information pertinent to the acceptance of the student (e.g. disciplinary action taken at other schools, reason for departure from other schools, requirement for specialist educational services, etc.) is withheld or is false/inaccurate.
    2. The student named on this Enrollment Contract has committed an act of criminal or disorderly nature, which affects the normal functioning or discipline of THE SCHOOL. In this case, THE SCHOOL is entitled to search the belongings and clothes of the student concerned and confiscate any items connected with criminal or disorderly conduct. It is at THE SCHOOL’s discretion to apply appropriate disciplinary measures, including expulsion of the student from THE SCHOOL, in the case of a student committing a criminal act or behaving in an inappropriate manner.
    3. A guardian of the student named on this Enrollment Contract repeatedly acts in such a way as to adversely affect the normal functioning and administration of THE SCHOOL.

    If a student is permanently expelled from THE SCHOOL due to behavior/discipline reasons, THE SCHOOL will not refund enrollment or reservation fees. THE LEGAL GUARDIAN shall only be refunded tuition paid for the unattended academic terms and shall be responsible for settlement of any outstanding balance with THE SCHOOL

  6. Tuition only covers the cost of educational services provided by THE SCHOOL. Any damage to real or personal property of THE SCHOOL caused intentionally or accidentally must be repaired or replaced, and paid by the student who caused it. SABIS® International School – Costa Verde is not responsible for loss or damage to items or personal belongings of students.
  7. THE GUARDIAN(S) accepts the responsibility to pay any fees for academic leveling courses and other costs as may be incurred for education and professional support needed, and that are independent of the costs set forth in this agreement. These could include uniforms, books and materials, food, transport, as well as additional tests or support services required by entities outside THE SCHOOL, school trips and/or any extracurricular activity sponsored by THE SCHOOL.
  8. In the case of unforeseen circumstances that require THE GUARDIAN(S) to remove a student before the beginning of the academic year or during same, THE GUARDIAN(S) should immediately inform THE SCHOOL. In such a case, and only if THE GUARDIAN(S) inform THE SCHOOL administration in writing one month before the beginning of the next term*, is any tuition paid in advance for the unattended academic term(s) refunded. *See relevant School Calendar for exact dates.
  9. The provision of uniforms, food, and drinks to students as well as transportation of the students is not part of this contract. THE SCHOOL takes no legal responsibility for such services provided by third parties. The same applies for food and drinks provided by parents or third parties for school events and consumed on THE SCHOOL premises.
  10. All students enrolled at THE SCHOOL must live with and be under the care and supervision of a legal guardian during the entire period of enrollment at THE SCHOOL.
  11. THE GUARDIAN(S) and THE SCHOOL shall endeavor to resolve by mutual agreement any dispute arising under this contract. In the event that the parties do not reach such agreement, both agree hereby that any doubt, dispute or disagreement arising from the interpretation, application, execution, termination and/or fulfillment or not of any of the clauses, terms and/or conditions related to or arising from this contract, shall be settled by arbitration in law, having made prior attempt at conciliation through the Conciliation and Arbitration Center of Panama, and in accordance with the Regulations thereof.
  12. In the event that any provision of this contract or any part thereof is declared illegal, this shall not affect the legality, full force and effect of the remaining provisions of this contract.
  13. This contract is valid only after payment has been made of the “School Reservation” and “Enrollment” fees to SABIS® International School – Costa Verde.

The information provided on this Enrollment Contract is true and correct and no information has been withheld. I/We have read and understood the Enrollment Contract Conditions. I/We, the undersigned, agree to abide by the school rules and regulations and will encourage the adherence of the school rules and regulations by the student.

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